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Golden Run is asking those who have reviewed the project or are familiar with it from meetings, discussions or other knowledge, to tell others about our effort. To this end, we are asking people to comment on the project and, if they wish, have their comments included in this section as well as throughout the Web site. If you are interested in making a comment which you would like to appear on the Web site, please let us know that, and do one of the following. Otherwise, any comments you send us will be considered confidential.

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Everyone is welcome to send us their thoughts and comments. If we do use any comment you send, they may be edited for spelling, grammar, clarity, and/or space. We always verify anything we include on the Web site before we incorporate it, so please include your name, address, telephone numbers, and e-mail address so we can contact you and verify what you sent.

Now that you have all the logistics down, what should you say? We want to hear comments about how we approached this challenge, about how it could set new standards for Erie and the Front Range, about the conceptual design itself, about the people involved, and about any topic or issue you want to raise or on which you would like to comment. Our goal is to foster discussion and debate. We think that contributes to a healthy decision process. Don't be shy -- let us hear what you think.


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